David Usher was born on April 24, 1966 in Oxford, England. At the age of three he moved to Kingston, Ontario where he grew up as a Canadian citizen. In David's later years, he moved to British Columbia where he attended Simon Fraser University to pick up his political science degree. While attending the university, David Usher was accompanied by a fellow Moist band member, Kevin Young but in a different band. The two later came across Mark Makowy's band and then became the band now know as moist.

little David Usher facts:

*he has two nicknames....Hollywood and monkeyboy
*he likes dance and pop music
*he had his appendix taken out in 1994
*his favorite drink is tequila
*he plays the guitar
*he is married to a lovely women named Sabrina
*his father is Jewish and his mother is Thai
*he was bitten by a shark while in Thailand
*he is the only member of Moist that doesn't smoke
*he has a sister, Ann, and a brother, Tony
*earlier in his life he was in a rap band